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White House Seeks Feedback on National Strategy in Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing, Analytics

The Biden-Harris Administration is seeking feedback on a pending national strategy for privacy-preserving data sharing and analytics, according to a request for information (RFI) released today in the Federal Register.


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New Data Privacy Draft Puts FTC in Driver’s Seat, Preempts State Laws

A new legislative “discussion draft” that aims to create a stronger data privacy and security landscape for U.S. consumers would put the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in charge of the proposed new rules and would preempt most existing state laws on data privacy and security.


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House Bill Would Set Higher Bar for Cloud-Stored Metadata Access

New legislation filed by Rep. Ted Lieu, D-Calif., on April 20 would create additional legal protections for metadata generated by customers of online service providers and stored in cloud-based systems, in addition to the content of the electronic communications that they generate.


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Rep. Connolly Prepping Bill to Cut Feds’ Soaring Improper Payments

House Government Operations Subcommittee Chairman Gerry Connolly, D-Va., said today he is preparing legislation that aims to reduce the Federal government’s ballooning improper payments rate – which amounted to at least $281 billion in fiscal year 2021 and was greatly exacerbated by fraud in connection with COVID-19 relief programs including unemployment insurance (UI) administered by states whose IT systems were overwhelmed by demand.


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Space Development Agency Awards $1.8B in Satellite Deals for JADC2 ‘Backbone’

The Space Development Agency (SDA) has awarded a trio of contractors a total of $1.8 billion of contracts to build a mesh network of interconnected space satellites that will form the basis of a high-volume data communications system expected to make up the “backbone” of its Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) network, SDA said in a release.


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Upcoming Events
MerITocracy 2021

MerITocracy 2022: American Innovation Forum is a half-day event produced by MeriTalk in partnership with Hill and White House leadership as well as industry visionaries. More than a talk shop, this program will underscore the requirement for tangible outcomes and practical operational plans. […]

Cyber Smoke - Where Fed IT Gets Social

Join us at Cyber Smoke, our special networking tradition and must-attend event where you can take advantage of the opportunity to socialize at Morton’s The Steakhouse on July 28 with other cyber professionals from across government and industry who are passionate about their work, spark great ideas, and go above and beyond – day in and day out. […]


AI is Out There Infographic

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not a concept of the far-off future – it is something that’s happening in Federal agencies, state and local governments, and higher education institutions today. […]

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The Power of AI

Between February’s AI Executive Order, the creation of the Select Committee on AI, the launch of, and a proposed $850 million toward AI research and development in the White House’s FY2020 budget, it’s clear the Federal government sees power and potential in adopting artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.


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AI and the Infrastructure Gap

After the AI executive order, DoD AI strategy, and recently passed OPEN Government Data Act, all signs point to real opportunity to liberate the potential of AI and other emerging technology. But, traditional environments (where agencies spend 80% of their budget) are not designed to meet data storage, management, and security needs at the scale required to support these technologies. How can agencies overcome this technical debt?


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Past Events
CDM: The Multitool in Your Cyber Kit

Join us for the “CDM: The Multitool in Your Cyber Kit,” a complimentary webinar on June 23 at 1:30 p.m. EDT, where we’ll discuss MeriTalk’s research findings, including how Federal agencies can leverage the CDM Program. […]

Zeroing in on Application and Data: 2022 Federal Zero Trust Maturity

In the final piece of a four-part webinar series, MeriTalk will sit down with IT industry and public sector experts to specifically address the Application and Data pillars of CISA’s Zero Trust Maturity Model. We’ll discuss optimal maturity, progress to date with Application and Data implementation, and expected challenges in inventory management, access authorization, governance capability, and automation and orchestration capability. […]

Cyber Defenders Celebration – May 2022 Cyber Smoke

We’ve seen a significant evolution of government approaches to cyber strategies through the pandemic, and it’s time to recognize those driving innovation and ensuring our nation’s cyber security. Socialize with cyber professionals across government and industry at Morton’s The Steakhouse on May 19 and celebrate the Cyber Defenders Award winners. […]


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