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The IC’s top research arm, the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA), wants to be able to get the gist anywhere and anytime. They are inviting researchers from around the world in industry and academia to use machine learning to develop algorithms for cross-lingual information retrieval capable of extracting answers from little-known foreign languages to questions posed in English. IARPA’s Open Cross-language Information Retrieval (CLIR) Challenge is inviting participants to compete for prizes while working on a kind of fast-working translator that can interpret other languages while using a minimal amount of training data, focusing particularly on what it calls “computationally underserved languages.” […]

AI Quantum Computing

The intelligence community’s (IC) stock in trade has always been knowing what nobody else knows. Now it’s looking to tap into new technology to expand its ability to forecast geopolitical events in several ways, including finding out what everybody knows.