Federal BluePrint

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform released an investigative report in September that reviewed the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) data breaches – breaches that resulted in over 21 million stolen records. The report stated, “Despite this high value information maintained by OPM, the agency failed to prioritize cybersecurity and adequately secure high […]

Fed Cloud Silver Lining

It’s prediction season in Federal IT, and time to take bets if 2017 will (finally) be the year agencies find a way to speed their path to the cloud. Signs point to yes.  GSA has signaled it’s working to streamline and accelerate the FedRAMP process, although it’s too early to know if the improvements will […]

Weekend Reader
Windows 10

The Department of Defense’s decision to move to Windows 10 remains solid. As Microsoft’s most secure operating system ever deployed, Windows 10 offers significant security features baked right in. What’s slowing the effort at many agencies, however, is the actual migration process–it’s time-consuming, expensive, and unattainable within a year’s time frame. It doesn’t have to be, says Mike Wilkerson of VMware. […]