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The Secret Service has an interesting class photo….The CIA is taking cues from the advertising technology industry….IARPA is investing in research into homomorphic encryption—a potential game-changer in the worlds of privacy and security that enables encrypted queries of encrypted databases….And synthetic biology is keeping Jason Matheny up at night. […]

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As agencies navigate cloud, they continue to leverage and build upon lessons learned.  And, it seems to be working:  According to a recent MeriTalk study, 75% of Federal cloud decision-makers say their workforce is somewhat or very comfortable with moving its systems to the cloud. But, how did they get there and what’s really the […]

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We are a group of former Federal IT leaders, technology industry executives, and journalists. We believe the technology priorities embraced by the next President of the United States will be central to our nation’s ability to remain secure, competitive, open, innovative, and responsive to the needs of citizens. That is why we are endorsing Hillary Clinton for President of the United States. […]

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The only thing that is possibly growing more rapidly than the number of cybersecurity risks is the number of cybersecurity events. So why attend the 7th Annual AFCEA DC Cybersecurity Summit? Here are six reasons why Cybersecurity Summit on Oct. 11 -12 is a must-attend event. […]