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  1. IT IT Remains Feds’ top Challenge for Five Years Running, IGs Report
    The Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency (CIGIE) issued a summary today of the top challenges facing Federal agencies, as identified by those agencies’ respective Offices of the Inspector General (OIG) – and once again IT issues headed up the list.
  1. Hill Gets Input on ‘Biggest Bang’ for Broadband Funding
  2. Hill Witnesses Argue for Market Forces in Defense Innovation
  3. House Multi-Cloud Adoption Bill Gets Senate Companion
  4. New OPM Handbook Promotes Skills-Based Hiring Across Government
  5. Sen. Wyden Reintroduces AI Bias Bill
  6. AFRL Seeks Input on Nano, Other Next-Gen Computing Capabilities



  1. TMF TMF Board Member Seeing Zero Trust Demand, Welcomes AI Projects
    Sheena Burrell, chief information officer at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) and a voting board member of the Technology Modernization Fund (TMF) run by the General Services Administration (GSA), said today that the fund is seeing a lot of interest from Federal agencies in zero trust security-related projects.
  1. Rep. Lieu: Congress Keying on Most Harmful AI Scenarios
  2. Senate Intel Hears AI Development, Workforce Strategies
  3. DoD Makes CHIPS Award, Warns on Shutdown Impact
  4. DHS Sets GPS Spoof Testing Event for 2024
  1. Easterly: AI Posing Risks to Election Information Environment
  2. DISA Seeking Industry Support for Hybrid Cloud Center Efforts
  3. DHS Launches Homeland Intelligence Experts Group
  4. Looming Shutdown Called ‘Terrible’ for CISA Cyber Programs