Meeting Mobile Mission

With warfighters at the edge, and teams in the field, the office, and now at home, how is the DoD supporting an agile remote workforce while balancing access, collaboration, and security?

Federal Cybersecurity

Federal cybersecurity is more critical than ever as agencies quickly adapt to a “maximized telework” environment. But, how effective are Feds’ current cybersecurity efforts? What is working well in agencies’ cybersecurity strategies, and what needs to change?


Coach's Corner

With remote work being touted as the “new normal”, agencies are empowering their employees to work beyond the conventional four walls – increasing virtual collaboration capabilities through video calls, instant messaging, and digital conferencing. MeriTalk, Cisco, and ThunderCat partnered to document the Federal government’s journey to secure web-based collaboration. We examined how agencies are utilizing […] […]

Journey Fed IT Mondernization

Federal mandates like Cloud Smart, MGT, and TIC 3.0 set agencies on a fast track to modernization.  But as IT infrastructures evolve, how are agencies turning their most coveted asset – data – into insight?  What steps are they taking to address mass data fragmentation?  How are data protection measures adapting to meet changing demands?  […] […]

CDM: The Next Chapter

How are agencies preparing for the next chapter of CDM? Building off MeriTalk’s 2019 “CDM Referendum” study, “CDM: The Next Chapter” explores how the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) program is evolving to protect vital cloud and mobile environments — technologies that, today, underpin Federal telework at scale in the […] […]

Mapping AI to GEOINT Workforce

While innovation has always been at the heart of geospatial intelligence (GEOINT), the rapid and disruptive influx of artificial intelligence (AI) represents a true inflection point for the GEOINT tradecraft. AI presents unprecedented opportunity to transform the productivity, capacity, and capability of the GEOINT workforce. But how do we prepare for such a seismic shift?


Securing Telework
Future Proofing AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Federal agencies is a complex network of people, processes, and services. It requires high-performance computing, best-in-class networking, and maximum storage capacity. And, with so much data to quickly aggregate, manage, and analyze across devices, agencies, and locations dispersed geographically around world, agencies will need to: Identify and build a robust AI […] […]

Unleash the Data Pipeline
Smart Lucky Disruptive

MeriTalk surveyed 300 Fed and SLED IT decision makers to explore how agencies are managing cloud risk in hybrid environments, rethinking acquisition options to accelerate adoption, and cultivating a culture of change.


Fed Cloud 2020

With Cloud Smart and TIC 3.0 adding to the momentum of MGT and FedRAMP, 2019 gave Federal IT leaders countless reasons to increase their support for government cloud migration. So, what’s next on the Federal government’s cloud campaign trail?


Juggling the Clouds

While 81 percent of Federal IT decisions makers say their agency already uses multiple cloud platforms, the majority also say managing a multi-cloud environment will be one of their agency’s top challenges over the next five years. What steps should agencies take to better prepare for their multi-cloud future?


Unstructured Data
Outdated Data Centers
AWS Cloud Readiness
Zero Trust Maturity

“Never trust; always verify,” is emerging as the new slogan for information security in a cloud-based world. At its core is Zero Trust – the idea that access to agency resources should be restricted until the user has proven their identity and access permissions, and the device has passed a security profile check.


CDM Referendum

Seven years after its inception, how is DHS’ Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) program performing? We surveyed more than 160 Federal and industry CDM stakeholders to understand their experiences with the program and recommendations for its future direction.


The AI Blueprint

Artificial Intelligence (AI) adoption continues to gain momentum as organizations invest time and money into initial explorations and implementations. But do IT professionals believe AI is ready for their top mission-critical tasks? What will it take to fully prepare organizations for AI?


AI is Out There

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not a concept of the far-off future – it is something that’s happening in Federal agencies, state and local governments, and higher education institutions today.


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