GEOINT: Surveying the 10-Year Horizon
Federal IT Procurement Transformation: Mission Possible
A Foundation of Collaboration: Enhancing and Acting on Shared Cybersecurity Intelligence

MeriTalk and RSAC surveyed 100 Federal and 100 private-sector cybersecurity decision makers to explore key communications roadblocks and actionable opportunities to enhance collaboration and data sharing – not just between the public and private sectors, but across the cyber ecosystem, including small and medium-sized organizations.


Connecting the Clouds: 2023 IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS Forecast
The Only Way is Up: Securing Our Digital Future with Cloud
Cyber Resiliency: Sustaining Government Operations in Complex Threat Environments
State Of Upskilling Report 2022

Pluralsight recently surveyed 725+ technologists across all industries to establish a holistic understanding of upskilling confidence, how companies are upskilling, where they feel the largest gaps currently exist, and the impact of those gaps.



New research from MeriTalk in partnership with Future Tech examines how Federal agencies are meeting AI staffing and professional development needs, what skills are most in demand, and new collaboration models that are emerging with Federal Systems Integrators, academic institutions, and others to drive to AI project success.


Identity: Pillar, Bedrock, and Foundation of Zero Trust
MerITocracy American Innovation Forum

MeriTalk convened America’s biggest names in Congress, the Administration, and the technology industry at MerITocracy: American Innovation Forum to hash out whether technological advances can help bring about the next renaissance for democracy, or hasten the end of the American dream. Read the full report as we explore critical changes needed to address the pressing needs of our society.


Migrate, Protect, And Do More with Your Data

In this new infographic, MeriTalk, in partnership with Cohesity and AWS, will catalog the mounting challenges of Federal data management and emphasize the benefits of Data Management as a Service (DMaaS). We’ll explore how a modern DMaaS solution can streamline data usage, reduce costs, and promote innovation – all with the confidence of FedRAMP authorization.


DEOS: The Future of Cloud-Based Collaboration

DEOS (Defense Enterprise Office Solution) is an enterprise commercial cloud environment for both unclassified and classified work designed to streamline the DoD’s use of email and collaborative tools while enhancing cybersecurity and information sharing across the enterprise.


AI Poised to Help Federal Cyber Missions
Three Keys to Federal AI Success

Federal organizations are exploring AI opportunities as they work toward delivering digital-first government. And while most organizations have AI pilot programs in progress – many stall, or are not operationalized across the organization. Still, as organizations learn and move through the roadblocks, there is agreement that AI will help achieve a broad range of goals including improving public service quality and efficiency, attracting and retaining top talent in government, and reducing fraud, waste, and abuse. […]

CISA's Shields Up Quick Reference Guide

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) announced a warning to all U.S. organizations to keep their “shields up” in anticipation of malicious Russian cyber activity. Among troves of guidance, what is the bottom line? View our infographic to gain full insight into the guidance.


Reimagining Public-Private Partnerships

MeriTalk and RSA Conference surveyed 100 Federal and 100 private sector cybersecurity decision-makers to explore the effectiveness of public-private partnerships today, uncover key perception gaps, and provide recommendations on strengthening collaboration and cyber resilience in the year ahead.


MeriTalk’s latest installment of the CDM research series, “CDM: The Multitool in Your Cyber Kit,” examines input from IT leaders about how Federal agencies can take advantage of the tools in the CDM Program to identify, mitigate, and stop threats before they occur – and more.


Closing the Web Application Security Gap

With Federal cybersecurity leaders striving to close the security gap, is application security (AppSec) meeting agency expectations and what challenges are leaders facing during implementation? Download the “Closing The Web Application Security Gap” research report to learn more.


Impact Assessment: Cyber EO Year One

MeriTalk, in partnership with AWS, CrowdStrike, and Zscaler, uncovers the answers from 160 Federal Civilian and Department of Defense (DoD) cyber decision-makers as they explore Federal cyber progress since the EO’s release, identify what successful agencies are doing differently, and find where Federal leaders need additional support to deliver on the EO’s promise of bold cyber change.


Zeroing In: 2022 State of Federal Zero Trust Maturity
function over forms

MeriTalk, in partnership with DocuSign, surveyed 300 Federal, state, and local government IT and program managers to understand their digital transformation journeys and what they need to continue moving citizen services forward.


Beyond the Cyber EO

MeriTalk uncovers the answers from 150 Federal cyber decision-makers on what it takes to improve overall resilience in the face of evolving cyber threats and build the blueprint for a better cyber trap.



The Technology Modernization Fund (TMF) is a Federal IT funding vehicle authorized by the Modernizing Government Technology Act of 2017. In its first three years, the TMF received $175 million in funding before receiving a massive infusion of $1 billion in the American Rescue Plan Act. MeriTalk surveyed more than 80 Federal executives to explore perspectives on the program and its future.


Automation Equation

In this new infographic, MeriTalk in partnership with Red Hat, explores the state of Federal enterprise automation and highlights the importance of opportunities related to DevSecOps, Zero Trust, and automation at the edge.


Push and Pull of Federal Cybersecurity

COVID-19 crystalized America’s innovation imperative, particularly around critical issues that sit at the nexus of policy, technology, and restoring trust in government. What are Americans’ biggest obstacles, and where do they see the greatest opportunities for improvement? What is the outlook on the future of American innovation? […]

Cyber Reset
Cyber Threat Tsunami

Government teams are perpetually in cybersecurity crisis mode. MeriTalk, in partnership with Dell Technologies and INTEGRITY Global Security (IGS), surveyed 300 government cybersecurity leaders across Federal, State, and Local organizations to explore the possibilities of a world where agencies no longer need to assume breach – and what it would take to get there.


Bite-Sized Cloud

Despite Federal agencies’ hunger for change, the idea of moving and modernizing myriad critical services from private servers to cloud infrastructure can seem overwhelming. […]

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