In today’s work-anywhere world, Federal agencies need new communications capabilities to accommodate expanding telework policies and multiplying worksites. […]

Federal agencies are facing an explosion of endpoints in both volume and variety. However, as endpoints increase, so do cyber vulnerabilities.


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FITARA Frontlines

The Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) promises to improve Federal IT efficiency – in fact, 84 percent of Feds are optimistic about its impact.


Keeping up with – or preferably ahead of – advances in technology is absolutely necessary for those involved in government IT. MeriTalk features not only the latest research affecting federal technology, but also more in-depth studies that examine how those developments are likely to impact the government IT realm.

MeriTalk federal IT research covers a variety of subjects, including how to make the best use of Big Data, the safest use of cloud computing, and other cybersecurity topics that affect all government agencies.