Upcoming Events

Celebrate MGT

Join Congressman Gerry Connolly and Federal CIOs on March 1 for a Hill reception to celebrate the opportunity to modernize IT in government.  Hear from Hill representatives about what to expect in the future and plans for funding, while agency leaders share next steps on putting the new law into action.  Raise a toast to MGT and get smarter about what it means for government and industry alike. […]

TechData header

Cloud and cyber are converging to drive today’s IT modernization conversation. These two critical components of government’s IT agenda are the drivers behind one of the most critical mission objectives: keeping agency data safe. […]

Veritas Cloud Clarity

Federal agencies are fast tracking IT modernization. State and local governments are grappling with aging IT infrastructures. Healthcare providers must improve patient outcomes, while education institutions are focused on using data to transform the student experience. The challenges vary, but one thing is clear – all roads lead to the cloud. […]

ViON DC Webinar

With the Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI) deadline extended to 2020, Federal IT leaders must push hard to keep data center modernization momentum moving forward. With the right technology, agencies have the opportunity to reduce OpEx and establish an infrastructure that is able to scale quickly, integrate emerging technology, and effectively support dynamic missions – but are they? […]

CDM & Eggs

CDM & Eggs is back. With Phase 3 just getting underway, a new task order on the street, and a dashboard making headlines, the CDM program continues to support agencies’ ability to identify risks, prioritize vulnerabilities, and mitigate threats in real time. […]

FedFocus 2018

Mandated to modernize, Federals agencies are working hard to accelerate IT transformation. Missions are evolving, employee expectations are changing, and emerging technologies bring an opportunity to work smarter, faster, and bolder than ever before. […]


It’s no secret that phishing attacks give hackers access to sensitive government data and credentials. With an increasingly mobile Federal workforce, and the introduction of new vectors for phishing including SMS and messaging apps, how do Federal cyber teams develop a comprehensive strategy to protect against potentially catastrophic data loss from phishing? […]

Black Box

Federal agencies are driving hard to modernize IT to create a leaner, more efficient government.  Efforts are underway to consolidate networks, centralize application management, streamline communication systems, and transition to new technology, all while improving security and increasing cost savings. […]

Tenable GovEdge 2018

Smart devices, emerging technologies, automated processes, cloud, mobile, IoT – all connected and programmable. This is the modern era of government – and the new, elastic, attack surface to defend. How can agencies efficiently adopt Cyber Exposure, an emerging discipline for managing and measuring every aspect of your modern computing environment to accurately understand and reduce cyber risk? […]

CCX Brainstorm 2018

Cloud computing is the engine accelerating modernization across government. Agencies want to put AI, IoT, and advanced analytics to work – and cloud is the quickest way to turn on these new services. And, with MGT now law, Federal agencies get to reprogram one-year savings to fund three-year IT transformations. That’s a game changer – it provides new incentives for agencies to accelerate change. […]

The complexities of IT, in the private and public sectors are growing exponentially. Government  IT systems come with their own special set of risks, demands, and a need for even greater security. MeriTalk hosts frequent federal government IT events that give IT experts from across a broad spectrum of government agencies a chance to learn more about the latest developments, explore best practices, and of course network with other IT professional

These government IT events focus on topics that are important for keeping your data safe and helping agencies use technology in the most effective way. As the number of connected devices outnumbers workers, cyber-threats become ever more sophisticated and Big Data only continues to get bigger, these federal technology events provide information to connect and collaborate with government IT professionals from other agencies and areas of specialty.