Upcoming Events

FedFocus 2018

Mandated to modernize, Federals agencies are working hard to accelerate IT transformation. Missions are evolving, employee expectations are changing, and emerging technologies bring an opportunity to work smarter, faster, and bolder than ever before. […]


It’s no secret that phishing attacks give hackers access to sensitive government data and credentials. With an increasingly mobile Federal workforce, and the introduction of new vectors for phishing including SMS and messaging apps, how do Federal cyber teams develop a comprehensive strategy to protect against potentially catastrophic data loss from phishing? […]

Dell ViON

The Modernizing Government Technology (MGT) Act signals a rejuvenated commitment to Federal IT modernization. Agencies need to optimize data centers, lay the foundation for emerging technologies, and improve security – while maintaining decade-old systems critical to mission success. And, with a saturated market of options and providers, Federal data center managers are looking for streamlined data center management and governance. […]


IT Modernization isn’t what you thought it was. It’s more than infrastructure updates and shiny new software. It reaches across the enterprise and requires an approach that focuses just as much on the building blocks as it does the solution. So, how do IT executives build their plan to prioritize and accommodate the legacy functions […]

Tenable GovEdge 2018

Smart devices, emerging technologies, automated processes, cloud, mobile, IoT – all connected and programmable. This is the modern era of government – and the new, elastic, attack surface to defend. How can agencies efficiently adopt Cyber Exposure, an emerging discipline for managing and measuring every aspect of your modern computing environment to accurately understand and reduce cyber risk? […]

Good Morning MGT

We’re looking to change the failing IT investment in Federal IT – we can’t continue to invest 80 percent of the $90 billion in legacy systems maintenance.  MGT is the law of the land – now we need to implement the program.  The magnificent seven Technology Modernization Fund Board saddled up on March 12th – and now they’re ready to review agencies’ business cases for funding from that $500 million revolving capital fund.  […]

CCX Brainstorm 2018

Cloud computing is the engine accelerating modernization across government. Agencies want to put AI, IoT, and advanced analytics to work – and cloud is the quickest way to turn on these new services. And, with MGT now law, Federal agencies get to reprogram one-year savings to fund three-year IT transformations. That’s a game changer – it provides new incentives for agencies to accelerate change. […]

The complexities of IT, in the private and public sectors are growing exponentially. Government  IT systems come with their own special set of risks, demands, and a need for even greater security. MeriTalk hosts frequent federal government IT events that give IT experts from across a broad spectrum of government agencies a chance to learn more about the latest developments, explore best practices, and of course network with other IT professional

These government IT events focus on topics that are important for keeping your data safe and helping agencies use technology in the most effective way. As the number of connected devices outnumbers workers, cyber-threats become ever more sophisticated and Big Data only continues to get bigger, these federal technology events provide information to connect and collaborate with government IT professionals from other agencies and areas of specialty.