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The bipartisan infrastructure agreement announced with much fanfare by the White House and a handful of Democratic and Republican senators on June 24 remains a feel-good topic in the nation’s Capitol – after all, who doesn’t like the old-fashioned notion of agreement amidst partisan divides – but the longer the wait for nitty gritty details on the deal, the more questions that come to mind. […]

Like many before him, President Biden seems to recognize that a crisis presents both danger and opportunity. Facing a barrage of high-profile cyberattacks, the President’s recent Cybersecurity Executive Order also illustrates the profound opportunity in front of his administration to improve the Federal government’s cybersecurity posture by an order of magnitude. […]


Many of us are going back to work in person – and this includes the Federal government. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB), Office of Personnel Management (OPM), and General Services Administration (GSA) announced on June 10 that the 25 percent occupancy restriction for Federal offices has been lifted, and agencies will soon be able to increase the number of employees in their physical workplaces. […]

For decades, Federal chief information security officers (CISOs) focused on protecting a traditional perimeter and the users within. Today, however, they recognize that there are a seemingly endless number of third-party partners, vendors, and customer accounts, as well as service accounts – accounts which are either not directly tied to employees, or non-human accounts– which could result in compromises. […]


The old adage “consistency is key” rings especially true for Federal cybersecurity operations centers (CSOCs) today. Agencies who pay close attention to their operations center but lack visibility and control of cybersecurity blind spots – specifically applications and workloads – are ripe for attack. […]

Earlier this month, in a May 6 column, I offered up a President’s Management Agenda framework – PMA 46 – for the Biden-Harris Administration as we awaited the full FY 2022 budget proposal, which was publicly released today. While the so-called “skinny budget” released in April outlined plans for the discretionary part of next year’s […] […]

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It is hard to believe that we are coming up on a year of living with COVID-19. In February 2020, countries around the world were beginning to institute travel restrictions, and organizations were shifting large portions of their teams to working from home. We knew that customers needed to enable their teams to work remotely, very quickly. […]

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A billion of anything isn’t quite what it used to be, but it’s still a lot. And when that billion is dollars for the Technology Modernization Fund (TMF) – a great vehicle that has been underutilized because of low funding levels and strict repayment rules – it may yet end up being a real difference-maker across many government agencies looking at IT modernization. […]

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President Biden on April 9 released a massive $1.52 trillion fiscal year 2022 spending plan that reflects his vision of an expanded – and expansive – Federal government that boosts spending for domestic programs and addresses issues such as education, affordable housing, public health, racial inequality, and climate change, among many others. […]

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Digital identities are becoming increasingly important elements of today’s connected infrastructure across the public sector. Boosted by the growth in remote working over the past year, protecting their integrity is key to securing critical IT systems and confidential government information. […]

Disinformation is undoubtedly on more people’s radars – Federal IT pros included – heading into 2021 and beyond. But just because we know more about it doesn’t mean we are better prepared to face the challenge that disinformation is posing. […]

Federal money spending government

With many states admitting to substantial fraudulent payments due to poor management and problematic unemployment insurance (UI) application systems, what are they doing about fraud in other state programs that collectively make up another giant elephant in the room? […]


With the Solarwinds breach and CDM budget shortfall, it’s never been more important to communicate the importance of cyber security to the Hill and appropriators. Time to change the menu to increase the appetite for cyber security investment. […]

The security operations center (SOC) has become the critical hub of Federal agencies’ cyber readiness. SOC analysts keep agencies safely up and running – determining the size and impact of incidents, utilizing threat intelligence, implementing response procedures and collaborating with other staff to address issues. […]

Is it a noun or a verb? What the heck is a MeriTalk and why were you so dumb to call your publication that? Why not put Fed or Gov in the name – like every title? Good questions. So, here goes. We gave our publication a different name, because we wanted to stand aside from the other business-as-usual titles – to challenge the status quo in relationships, content, and format. So why not go different? […]