Big Data Exchange

A vertical community of Federal big data leaders, project managers, industry, and government IT community stakeholders focused on public-private collaboration and best-practice exchange.

President Obama signed P.L. 113-101, known as the DATA Act, on May 9, 2014. The DATA Act requires that Federal spending information be standardized and published online. […], managed by the General Services Administration, is an open source website offering Federal, state, and local data, tools, and resources. […]

In May 2013, the Office of Management and Budget released this memorandum requiring agencies to comply with data collection and management standards that encourage transparency, accessibility, and interoperability. […]

Highlights of Federal programs that address the challenges and opportunities of big data. […]

On March 29, 2012, the Obama administration announced the “Big Data Research and Development Initiative” to make the most of the quickly growing amount of digital data in the Federal government. Six Federal departments and agencies announced more than $200 million in new commitments to programs that are dedicated to harnessing the power of big data to kick off the initiative. […]

On October 3, 2012, NASA, the Department of Energy, and the National Science Foundation announced a competition to develop new ways to capitalize on the influx of big data in the Federal government. […]


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