A MeriTalk survey finds that Federal agencies are in need of an efficiency jump-start, and 78 percent of Feds believe DevOps will help agencies innovate faster responses and services. Legacy systems are slowing agencies down, and new apps just add to the inertia. […]

A new Federal agency is in the works to take over the security clearance process from the Office of Personnel Management, according to former intelligence officials with knowledge of the discussions. Word of the plan to create a new National Investigative Service Agency comes as security officials this week are scheduled to brief leaders of […] […]

The market for virtual reality headsets—like the popular gaming system known as Oculus Rift, or the many headsets that are now shipping with consumer drones—is poised for rapid growth starting this holiday season. In fact, Juniper Research estimates that global sales of VR headsets will hit 3 million next year and as much as 30 […] […]

The Paris attacks did more than reveal the growing capabilities of the Islamic State to carry out attacks in the West; they revealed what some fear are chinks in America’s big data armor. In a world where everything seems to be connected digitally and everyone seemingly leaves behind traces of digital dust that can be […] […]

Sen. Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas who served two combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, introduced legislation Tuesday that would delay the termination of the National Security Agency’s bulk metadata collection program until the Obama administration can certify that its proposed new architecture for keeping the data in private-sector hands will not have a […] […]

MeriTalk Executive Editor Dan Verton appeared on Washington, D.C.’s NewsChannel 8 Monday to provide analysis of the ongoing terrorist threat stemming from the Nov. 13 attacks in Paris. Verton is an award-winning security journalist and a former military intelligence officer.   View on YouTube Part 2 View on YouTube […]

The Internet of Things freaks out the military. In remarks this week at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Richard Hale, deputy chief information officer for cybersecurity at the Defense Department, discussed the military’s interest in–and concern over–the Internet of Things. “We in the department really need the advantage we’re going to get from […] […]

The U.S. military may find itself incapable of achieving decisive victory on the battlefields of the future unless it fixes its broken acquisition system and begins to experiment with new war-fighting concepts involving radical new technological capabilities.


A new study mandated by Congress in the wake of the secret waiting list scandal at the Department of Veterans Affairs has uncovered significant evidence that the department’s IT leaders have for years failed to meet the technology needs of clinical professionals treating veterans on the front lines and that those IT failures, along with […] […]

Much of the controversial Patriot Act expires June 1, and Congress faces three choices: Keep the National Security Administration’s (NSA) surveillance capabilities intact, lessen NSA’s power, or do nothing – effectively letting the law expire.


Perennially defending itself against cyberattacks, the Pentagon will go on the offensive and unleash its cyber-arsenal against hackers.


The military isn’t dipping its toes into cloud waters, it’s diving in. The Pentagon outspends many countries, and its 2015 cloud investment will reach nearly $773 million, accounting for 37 percent of all Federal cloud spending.


The best defense is a good offense, according to the Defense Department. No, seriously. At last week’s Cloud Computing Caucus Advisory Group Hillversation, some of the country’s most important IT leaders – tasked with oversight and protection of our nation’s military – spoke on how cloud adoption is affecting our nation’s defense.


The Defense Information Services Agency (DISA) issued long awaited guidance last week, reducing the number of classification levels for Cloud data from four to six.


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