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FISMA Fallout

President Obama rates cyber threats as one of the most serious challenges facing our nation – consider the source and the context. As cyber threats become more sophisticated, it is increasingly clear that FISMA may not be enough to protect agencies from attacks. To combat today's cyber threats, agencies need a modern, dynamic approach that combines risk management, continuous monitoring, and real-time awareness.

So how do we get there from here? To find out, we asked those on the front lines – 203 Federal cyber security professionals – about the barriers to, and consequences of, post-FISMA cyber security. What are agencies doing now and what, if anything, is holding them back from embracing a new cyber security approach?

Download "FISMA Fallout: The State of the Union" report to find out:

  • If cyber security pros think FISMA has improved security
  • If agencies' current security solutions will be sufficient in the next 12 months
  • What is holding agencies back from embracing a new cyber security approach
  • How cyber security pros recommend agencies improve security

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