The 2016 Executive Leadership Conference (ELC) will gather #ChangeAgents for training and education and showcase examples of #ChangeAgents who are already making a difference today. We need to provide “safe spaces” to experiment on doing public service differently and better, says FCC CIO David Bray.



Twice a week, at precisely 11:30 a.m., dozens of IT employees at the FCC emerge from their offices and make their way to a central hallway cross section in the heart of FCC headquarters in Washington, D.C. A large white board hangs on a wall in the center of the main gathering place, detailing a dozen major IT projects in priority order. Beneath the white board, white tape outlines an ‘x’ on the floor.


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The key to digital success and development in all levels of government is a strong and dedicated team of leaders, according to Deloitte’s director of government innovation William D. Eggers. “It really does rely on different levels of leadership,” Eggers said in an interview with MeriTalk. “Where you don’t have that leadership, it becomes much more difficult.”


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