Twice a week, at precisely 11:30 a.m., dozens of IT employees at the FCC emerge from their offices and make their way to a central hallway cross section in the heart of FCC headquarters in Washington, D.C. A large white board hangs on a wall in the center of the main gathering place, detailing a dozen major IT projects in priority order. Beneath the white board, white tape outlines an ‘x’ on the floor. […]

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A software upgrade gone wrong caused widespread system outages across the Veterans Affairs Department, officials confirmed Tuesday. The agency’s main website,, as well as, associated websites, and apps were temporarily affected, a VA spokesperson told MeriTalk.


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A new report released by the National Association of State Chief Information Officers reveals states are unprepared for the IoT movement: Only one out of five state CIOs say their state has moved to the formal discussion phase–and zero states have adopted policies and developed an IoT road map.


Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. (Photo: INSA)

The National Association of State Chief Information Officers issued a “planning guide” to help states deal with a cyber disruption. Cyber disruption response planning is essential, the report said: “Ignore at your own peril.”



It has become so tough for Federal agencies to find skilled technical talent that the National Security Agency is collecting resumes from “former civilian affiliates” who have the necessary skills, experience, and security clearance to help the agency “augment the existing work force on high priority projects or programs.” … A pilot program is underway to demonstrate the use of federated online identity technologies for use by hospitals and patients. … And DOD continues to make significant progress on its insider threat detection program and the intelligence community’s new continuous evaluation effort.


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