Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, released a 33-page white paper detailing a $430 billion increase to the defense budget over the next five years. In addition to increasing spending and boosting the overall size of the military, McCain’s strategy calls for a re-balancing of high-tech and low-tech investments. […]

A new report by the Congressional Research Service found flaws in keeping track of the size of Federal agencies, and noted that the Pentagon and Department of Homeland Security are having trouble recruiting and training cybersecurity professionals.


The Pentagon’s Defense Manpower Data Center may have problems with employees searching for their own personnel files on the Joint Personnel Adjudication System, a serious security concern. “Notifications will be emailed to users who have violated JPAS policy by querying and/or looking up their own record within the last 30 days as a warning to the user,” according to a notice posted to agency employees.


Welcome to the first installment of The Situation Report, a weekly column by MeriTalk Executive Editor Dan Verton that takes an honest and discerning look at the programs, policies, and people behind government information technology. When does a call to service cross the line and become an exercise in groveling at the feet of a […] […]