The first GPS III satellite has taken its place in the celestial sphere, initiating an upgrade of the Global Positioning System that promises faster, more reliable service and hardened protections against jamming and cyber attacks for lower costs than the current constellation. But the Air Force, which launched GPS III on Dec. 23, 2018, has a long, uncertain way to go before delivering on a project that has seen significant delays and cost overruns involving both space and ground operations. […]

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A new report from a group of Federal government and private sector experts details how “precision agriculture,” or agriculture that uses connected technology to improve efficiency, faces new cybersecurity threats and a low degree of awareness in the industry to combat them.


A National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) research team collected data from four different smartphone models over an 18-month period to further the development of indoor navigation apps. This type of technology would assist users in finding their way inside unfamiliar buildings, help emergency responders find victims, direct visitors to find specific works of art in large museums, and more.


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A new bill would require Federal agencies to obtain a search warrant to access information on citizens without their knowledge. It comes in response to the increasing use of “stingray” devices that Federal, state, and local agencies use to track criminal suspects, capturing data on innocent bystanders as well.