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The Defense Information Systems Agency is realigning the operations of its computing and storage activities. Taking effect in January 2017, the move aims to leverage efficiencies, reduce costs, and increase standardization of services across the computing environment. […]


The Pentagon’s Defense Manpower Data Center may have problems with employees searching for their own personnel files on the Joint Personnel Adjudication System, a serious security concern. “Notifications will be emailed to users who have violated JPAS policy by querying and/or looking up their own record within the last 30 days as a warning to the user,” according to a notice posted to agency employees.



The U.S. military may find itself incapable of achieving decisive victory on the battlefields of the future unless it fixes its broken acquisition system and begins to experiment with new war-fighting concepts involving radical new technological capabilities.


Forty-five percent of Federal agencies reported that they were the target during the past year of a digital insider — an employee with authorized network access who knowingly steals or unwittingly exposes sensitive data. And at least a third of those agencies reported suffering an actual loss of data. But as MeriTalk’s recent survey of […] […]