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A chatbot, or artificial intelligence tutor, is a computer program designed to simulate an intelligent conversation with one or more humans via auditory or textual means. As chatbots become smarter and more capable of understanding figurative language and solving more complex problems, they become more useful in fields such as education. […]


The summer might be halfway over, but there’s still plenty of time for school administrators to prepare for the next school year. One way to prep for September is to check out some TED Talks that share new tips, best practices, and inspiring stories for administrators.



Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton issued an ambitious “Technology & Innovation” agenda to connect every U.S. household to the Internet by 2020 and offer entrepreneurs the option of deferring their student loans for up to three years as they launch their own businesses.



From learning how to make math class more fun to discovering how to code a mobile app, TED Talks offer a wealth of knowledge. With too-hot afternoons and evening thunderstorms, there are plenty of opportunities to cool off and stay dry in front of a good video this summer. Over the next few weeks we’ll be taking a look at the TED Talks that everyone should watch this summer–from teachers and parents to college and K-12 students. This week, we have top TED Talks that teachers should watch before the next school year.