JAIC Missions Expand to Cyber, InfoOps, Acting Director Says

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The newest Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) mission initiative in “joint information warfare” is making progress, according to Nand Mulchandani, who took over as acting director of the Defense Department AI development center last month.

“The JAIC has six mission initiatives underway that are all making exciting progress,” said Mulchandani during a July 8 press briefing.  He said those mission areas are: joint warfighting operations; warfighter health; business process transformation; threat reduction and protection; joint logistics, which covers predictive maintenance efforts; “and our newest one, which is called joint information warfare, which also covers cyber operations.”

Mulchandani called information security “parallel but similar” to traditional cybersecurity, adding that both have “offensive and defensive modes.” When discussing defensive information security, Mulchandani called Natural Language Processing (NLP) and speech-to-text “a fairly mature AI technology.”