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Fresh off notching an A+ grade on the latest FITARA Scorecard, the Department of Education knows it has a handle on good IT, and agency CISO Steven Hernandez said today he credits a measure of that success to an important mindset change on data. […]

While figures vary across industry and government as to the size of the “phishing-prone” population in any organization, both sides agree that sustained internal employee training efforts are necessary to cut the success rate of spear-phishing exploits down to more manageable levels.


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Federal agency CISOs obviously have a lot to do – like securing networks, for one – but they’re also busy “selling” cybersecurity within their agencies to leadership across the organization, a panel of Federal security chiefs explained Oct. 22 at the ACT-IAC Imagine Nation 2019 conference.


Boosting the use of cloud services may be the answer to expanding implementation of zero-trust models of cybersecurity across Federal agencies and departments, Education Department CISO Steven Hernandez said at an ACT-IAC meeting today.