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The $2 trillion measure approved by the Senate last night to help stimulate the flagging U.S. economy and respond to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic will provide hefty increases to the budgets of numerous Federal agencies with major roles in pandemic response and mitigation. […]

President Trump today signed into law a bill quickly approved by House and Senate this week that provides $8.3 billion of funding for Federal government response to the COVID-19 coronavirus, including vaccine and treatment development, support for state and local health agencies, and loans for small businesses impacted by the virus.


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Multiple IT projects gained funding as the Senate passed H.R. 6157, the FY 2019 minibus appropriations bill for the departments of Defense, Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education on Aug. 23. The bill passed the Senate on an 85-7 vote.  The House approved its version of the legislation on June 28, setting up a House-Senate conference committee to reconcile differences in the two bills.