Department of Homeland Security Inspector General John Kelly reported to the House Appropriations Committee’s Homeland Security Subcommittee today that DHS lacks the right technological systems to keep track of separated families and unaccompanied minors, and has difficulties hiring cybersecurity employees. […]

Federal leaders emphasized the importance of cybersecurity and partnerships with the private sector at the Aspen Security Forum on July 22. Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly said he agrees with the decision of former DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson that made election systems critical infrastructure and told the states that DHS would offer help if […] […]

Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly told the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs that the border wall the president promised will probably be an amalgam of physical barriers and technological sensors, including drones and radar. He said that DHS will set up physical barriers at the points where border security chiefs deem walls most necessary.


Retired Marine Gen. John Kelly stressed the importance of working together to combat cyber warriors at his confirmation hearing for Secretary of Homeland Security. Kelly said that incumbent Secretary of Defense Ash Carter was “on to something” when he reached out to Silicon Valley companies for best cybersecurity practices.