hybrid cloud multi cloud computing in the cloud

Pamela Wise-Martinez, chief cloud and enterprise data architect at the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, discussed the opportunities for Federal agencies to shift from disparate multi-cloud environments to effective use of hybrid cloud – marrying together on-prem, private, and public cloud use. […]

The 2018 Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI) deadlines for data center closures have been officially extended to 2020. That’s a good thing, as MeriTalk’s latest research found that fewer than one in five Federal data center leaders say their agency was on track to meet their DCOI goals for that 2018 deadline. MeriTalk’s “Data Center 2020” study looked at what’s still holding agencies back, and steps data center leaders are taking to get into a better position for success.  


To dig deeper into the many factors that have contributed to the current state of affairs in the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative, MeriTalk spoke with some of the leading agency authorities about the many data center challenges facing chief information officers, and the plans and policies that hold the most promise of helping the government achieve its data center consolidation goals.