The Democratic National Committee (DNC) still has hackable vulnerabilities in its computer networks, while the Republican National Committee (RNC) performed slightly better than the DNC, but still has gaps to fill, according to a new report. […]

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) appointed Nellwyn Thomas as its new chief technology officer (CTO) – making Thomas the first woman to serve in the position – and Kat Atwater as deputy CTO. This is also the first time that all of the DNC tech team’s senior leadership positions are held by women. Thomas was […] […]

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Raffi Krikorian is resigning from his position after holding it for two years, during which he helped the party reform and modernize its data practices and digital security in light of DNC hacks during the 2016 presidential election, according to a published report.