The Department of Transportation hosted a Twitter chat on Monday under the hashtag #OpenDOT to get opinions on the agency’s open data policies. […]

Not enough transit providers are taking advantage of Intelligent Transportation Systems, according to a Government Accountability Office study. “Most small urban and rural transit providers are not using other ITS technologies—such as automatic passenger counters or electronic fare payment—due to the cost of the technologies or because there is no perceived need,” the study said. […]

Rules for drone use took flight on Tuesday after the White House released a set of regulations on the use of these unmanned aerial vehicles. The Federal Aviation Administration’s rules pertain to drones used for hobbies, although the administration also addressed future uses for commercial drones.


The winner of the Smart City Challenge will be announced this month. The seven finalists selected in April from a pool of 78 applicants received a $100,000 grant to further build their final proposals. The finalists are Pittsburgh; Columbus, Ohio; Austin; Denver; San Francisco; Portland, Ore., and Kansas City, Mo.