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The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has identified 91 open priority recommendations to the Defense Department (DoD) – the highest number outstanding for all Federal agencies – with cybersecurity as one of the nine major areas DoD should prioritize. […]

The Government Accountability Office recommended that the Department of Defense address training gaps at U.S. Cyber Command to main a properly trained Cyber Mission Force (CMF) in a report released today.


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In a previously announced move, the Pentagon elevated the U.S. Cyber Command to a full unified command. This reflects the universal role cyber operations–and potential cyber threats–have come to play across the range of military activities, and how relatively quickly virtual technologies have changed the game.


The Government Accountability Office evaluated the advantages and disadvantages of the National Security Agency and Cyber Command’s dual-hat leadership system and found that the system causes tension between the two agencies due to competing interests.