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The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) released its Top Threats to Cloud Computing Report today. The report, which was created after surveying 241 cloud industry experts, highlights the top 11 threats facing cloud computing. The report noted that cloud security issues are “often the result of the shared, on-demand nature of cloud computing.” […]

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While Federal agencies race to migrate to the cloud, security concerns seem to multiply by the hour. This month alone, Russian hackers penetrated the U.S. power grid; cyber attackers got into the network of a petrochemical company in Saudi Arabia in hopes of triggering an explosion; and North Korean hackers apparently “blitzed” Turkish banks and government organizations to gather intel for a future heist.


The Cloud Security Alliance published a list of the 100 Best Practices in Big Data Security and Privacy to help big data service providers strengthen their infrastructures as the amount of data rapidly grows. The list offers 10 solutions for each of the 10 biggest challenges in big data security and privacy. Check out our condensed list, presenting one recommendation for each challenge.