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Fed Cloud 2020

With Cloud Smart and TIC 3.0 adding to the momentum of MGT and FedRAMP, 2019 gave Federal IT leaders countless reasons to increase their support for government cloud migration. So, what’s next on the Federal government’s cloud campaign trail? […]

AWS Cloud Readiness
Zero Trust Maturity

“Never trust; always verify,” is emerging as the new slogan for information security in a cloud-based world. At its core is Zero Trust – the idea that access to agency resources should be restricted until the user has proven their identity and access permissions, and the device has passed a security profile check. […]

CDM Referendum

Seven years after its inception, how is DHS’ Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) program performing? We surveyed more than 160 Federal and industry CDM stakeholders to understand their experiences with the program and recommendations for its future direction. […]