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Security Spark
Data Constellations

MeriTalk, in partnership with Cloudera, surveyed 150 Federal IT decision makers familiar with their agency’s data management in the cloud to examine data-in-motion within agencies. See how automation can help democratize data and speed decision-making – all while ensuring security and compliance. […]

The Cloud Equation

As the Federal government has moved to maximized telework, agencies are reexamining their bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs to expand employees’ remote access. So, how are current security models keeping up? What steps are Feds taking to secure personal devices and what role does zero trust play? […]

Meeting Mobile Mission

With warfighters at the edge, and teams in the field, the office, and now at home, how is the DoD supporting an agile remote workforce while balancing access, collaboration, and security? […]