While the Federal government and large corporations may dominate headlines about cyberattacks and disruptive system outages, state and local governments are far from immune to system failures – and catastrophic downtime that affects the public’s trust in government.

On today’s episode of MeriTalking, MeriTalk’s Gail Emery is joined by Jim Richberg, the public sector chief information security officer at cybersecurity and networking firm Fortinet. We’ll discuss how state and local governments can sort through Federal cybersecurity guidelines to improve their cybersecurity posture, and how to go beyond the traditional focus on attack response with a holistic approach that builds operational resilience into cybersecurity roadmaps.

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Jamie Burdette
Jamie Burdette
Jamie Burdette leads the MeriTalk development team and has more than 20 years of experience in the implementation of internet technologies, websites, and web applications. He has managed the development for a wide array of sites including e-commerce applications, intranets, extranets, CMS solutions, and business process applications across dozens of industries. Jamie spends his free time on the golf course, working on home projects, and reading history