During day two of its world conference, Dell Technologies introduced NativeEdge – an operations software platform designed to help businesses simplify and optimize secure deployments at the edge.

Dell’s Senior Vice President of OEM Solutions, Kyle Dufresne, emphasized the company’s commitment to edge technology progress during Dell Technologies World in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 24.

“We’re really at the beginning of this journey, and there’s a lot more to come from an innovation standpoint,” Dufresne said.

The newly announced Dell NativeEdge is the industry’s only edge operations software platform delivering secure device onboarding at scale, remote management, and multicloud application orchestration.

It’s purpose-built to power any enterprise edge use case with zero-touch deployment and an open system design, integrating with a variety of hardware across Dell’s end-to-end portfolio. With Zero Trust capabilities built in, Dell NativeEdge reduces security risk by protecting customers’ applications and infrastructure across their entire edge estate.

Dufresne boasted that Dell is in the business of leveraging technology and innovation to drive human progress forward.

“Look at the population of the world, and it’s amazing that we can deliver to it safely and securely – everything from toilet paper to Dell computers to medicine,” he said. “The world-class people who do that have to be consistent.”

Hayley Tabor, Dell’s vice president for Global Industries, Sales, and Solutions, echoed Dufresne’s sentiment and discussed the importance of edge innovation.

“As we work with our customers, it’s clear that a strategic investment in edge infrastructure starts to set the foundation for organizations to unleash the potential of innovation at the edge,” Tabor said. “We are seeing edge technologies help companies to compete more effectively, differentiate their business, and often put their brand on the map. There is a ton of opportunity in edge use cases and edge solutions.”

Tabor gave examples of Dell’s customers successfully deploying edge technologies in the energy, retail, aviation, and entertainment sectors.

For example, by using Dell NativeEdge, manufacturers can consolidate their technology stacks and reduce the time to deploy edge assets and applications from months to weeks, the tech giant said. The platform uses automation to streamline edge operations and helps manufacturers quickly and securely roll out new applications to all sites from a central location.

Additionally, Dell expands its retail edge solutions with a new Dell Validated Design for Retail Edge with intelligent automation. Online ordering and curbside delivery have pushed more costs onto retailers, the company said, and this new solution uses software and automation to help retail employees become more efficient with last-mile picking, packing, shipping, and delivery by converting existing warehouse and retail space into micro-fulfillment centers.

With easy-to-manage technology at retail locations where data is generated, retailers can provide employees with more efficient pathfinding and order-picking across retail locations to significantly improve order fulfillment times and worker productivity.

The NativeEdge platform will be available to customers beginning in August.

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