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The University of New Hampshire’s Robert McGrath, who spoke on AllAnalytics’s radio broadcast titled “A Look at Tomorrow’s Data Scientist,” said the university’s data science program aims to prepare students for the workforce, where they will either hold positions on the computational IT side of the industry or the business side. […]


Campaign managers who urge politicians that they have a certain state’s unwavering support can now use data analytics to detect cities and even individuals within those states who may not back the candidates.



The MetroLab Network has grown to 35 city/county-university partnerships working together to research, develop, and deploy technologies and policy approaches in order to address urban areas’ challenges. MetroLab Network was launched in September 2015 by 21 city/county-university pairings, as part of President Obama’s Smart Cities Initiative.


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The size of the digital universe will grow to 176 zettabytes by 2025 – leading to a future of machine learning. James Harris, CTO, Defense Intelligence Agency, and Jason Matheny, Director, Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity, joined Defense One on a live webcast on how the future of digital information will intersect with the future of intelligence collection and analysis.