It’s been one year since the CIA established the Directorate for Digital Innovation—the first new major directorate stood up by the agency in more than 50 years. One small part of this new endeavor is beginning to pay off in a big way. […]

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Just 17 months into his tenure as the state of Illinois’ chief information officer and head of the newly created Department of Innovation and Technology, Hardik Bhatt is helping to lead one of the biggest turnarounds in state and local technology. […]

Federal agencies and other organizations are increasingly relying on analytics to detect and stop fraud, but experts recommend they start with small projects and small data sets to pinpoint risk. Learn how the U.S. Postal Service, World Bank, General Services Administration, and IBM approach the use of big data analytics to prevent fraud in government. […] […]

The U.S. Postal Service found more than it expected when it began using big data and analytics to detect mail theft. The postal service’s office of inspector general used analytics to set up trip wires, which set parameters around data to help detect anomalous activity. That allowed postal inspectors to determine that a carrier was […] […]