MTEC Seeks Cloud for COVID-19 ‘Virtual Wards’

In collaboration with the Army Medical Research and Development Command, the Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium (MTEC) is seeking cloud tech to provide tele-critical care to COVID-19 coronavirus patients.

MTEC is looking to rapidly deploy the National Emergency Telecritical Care Network (NETCCN), a cloud-based health information management system that would enable the development of “virtual critical care wards.” The virtual wards would consist of several patients being managed together by tele-critical care teams.

As hospitals become overwhelmed with patients needing critical care to combat the coronavirus, MTEC wrote in an April 17 request for project proposals (RPP), a virtual alternative would expand access to healthcare providers with limited resources.

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“The vision for this program is to extend local tele-critical care capability sets to a broader, flexible network – first locally, then step-wise regionally and nationally – that can be leveraged wherever there is need,” the RPP states.

In addition to the cloud-based information storage platform, MTEC is also seeking mobile communications capabilities for the platform’s video and audio capabilities, a web portal or mobile application, and real-time documentation capabilities.

The Department of Defense is prepared to invest up to $7 million for the initial testing, rapid development, and deployment of NETCCN in the project’s first 45 days. Responses to the RPP are due by April 27.