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As millennials–currently ages 19-35–move to parenthood, 77 percent support a create-your-own approach to education, where students can determine a path best suited for their learning style. The majority of Americans (76 percent), and 92 percent of millennial parents, feel that their children should be able to choose tuition-free online learning options that meet their individual needs. […]


Full-time virtual charter school students show weaker academic growth compared to students of traditional public schools. A new report calls for policy reform for full-time virtual charter schools to hold these schools accountable, and produce better results for their students.



Students are directed to go online for schoolwork, and corporations are reaping the benefits by subjecting these students to targeted marketing. The National Education Policy Center’s 18th Annual Report on Schoolhouse Commercialism Trends examines how “the policies that enable and encourage these practices connect today’s children and adolescents to monitoring and to marketers.”