FDA Seeks Public Feedback on Data Modernization

FDA website

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is planning a public meeting to solicit feedback on agencywide data strategy modernization scheduled for March 27.

According to an announcement in the Jan. 8 Federal Register, the meeting will center on new approaches to data quality, stewardship, exchange, and analytics. More specifically, FDA seeks comments around three topic areas: standards and policy; data security, privacy, and management; and data strategies and data sharing.

The agency wrote that a strategic approach to data is an important angle of its Technology Modernization Action Plan to provide a foundation for “a more fluid, agile, and efficient FDA.”

“FDA intends to develop a modernized agency-wide, strategic approach not only to technology, but to data itself,” the announcement states. “Data is at the heart of FDA’s work as a science-based agency, and we anticipate ongoing, rapid increases in the amount and complexity of the data that informs FDA’s regulatory decision-making process and how we advance our public health mission.”

Individuals interested in presenting or becoming a panelist at the public meeting should apply by Jan. 28. The meeting will be webcast for those unable to attend.

The agency is also accepting written comments through April 30.