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While data center consolidation is the goal, server virtualization is an important step. So, how are agencies doing? Specifically, what have they virtualized, and what is the unrealized virtualization opportunity? Is the next logical move desktop virtualization?

In October 2011, MeriTalk surveyed 302 Federal, state, and local government IT decision makers to understand their aspirations for and barriers to virtualization, as well as what's next for government virtualization initiatives.

Download Virtualization Vacuum: The 2012 Government Virtualization Study to learn:

  • How much government IT professionals think they will save through virtualization by 2015
  • Where agencies currently stand with server and desktop virtualization – and where they expect to be in 2015
  • How virtualization initiatives impact budgets
  • What challenges agencies encounter on the road to virtualization
  • How Federal and state/local virtualization experiences compare and contrast

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A follow up to MeriTalk's "Virtualization Vacuum: The 2012 Government Virtualization Study," the Virtualization Victory Webinar explored how agencies can overcome remaining barriers to virtualization initiatives and amplify the savings achieved through virtualization. Click here to read the archived webinar materials.