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To save money, increase efficiencies, and fund the move to the cloud, the Federal government aims to eliminate 800 data centers by 2015 – with 137 slated for closure this year. Do agencies know how much they are saving – or the savings potential? Are they aware of all areas of impact? Can they reinvest the savings?

In March 2011, MeriTalk teamed with NetApp to release the Federal Data Center Consolidation: Measure to Manage report which identifies Federal consolidation progress, optimization metrics, and an estimated $18.8 billion savings opportunity. In May 2011, MeriTalk and NetApp surveyed 157 Federal IT decision makers to dig deeper into the metrics agencies use to measure consolidation savings and to determine if agencies are increasing efficiency as they consolidate.

Download the Measure to Manage II: Consolidation Crash Course Report to understand:

  • Efficiency metric blind spots
  • How agencies lack visibility to capture hard savings numbers through data center utilization
  • The contrast between data center management in the public and private sectors

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