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Software Defined Data Center

More than 70% of money spent on Federal IT is devoted to maintaining legacy systems – a model most agree is unsustainable. This equation won't support the innovation and cost savings that government needs to operate within their means, while delivering more and better services to stakeholders.

So, what happens if you remove the dependency between software and hardware? Can agencies achieve greater agility and more efficient use of IT resources?

MeriTalk and VMware recently surveyed 152 Federal IT decision makers to see if software can save IT. Can a more software-defined enterprise approach to delivering services and resources to stakeholders help achieve cost savings and at the same time provide the innovation inspiration agencies need? Additionally:

  • What steps are agencies taking?
  • What are the benefits?
  • What have agencies learned?

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Innovation Inspiration: Can Software Save IT? Webinar

On September 10th we continued the discussion on how Feds can take steps toward the "software-defined" opportunity, and help the government build cost effectively. Register to view the webinar archive to learn how to move beyond the inflexible IT framework and limited budget to achieve improved IT functionality, and leave plenty of room for innovation.