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New Report: Federal Application Modernization Road Trip:
Express Lane or Detour Ahead?

Federal IT leaders largely agree that application modernization is a "must-do" excursion if we hope to sustain services in an era of strained budgets. While we agree on the destination, many Federal agencies continue to sort out their travel plans.

Where are agencies in their application modernization journey? MeriTalk surveyed Federal IT leaders to find out. The Federal Application Modernization Road Trip examines the state of current application modernization efforts, explores the risk and cost of delayed action, uncovers implementation roadblocks, and identifies strategies to help agencies navigate.

The study reveals that:

  • Federal IT leaders say nearly half of existing agency IT applications (47%) are based on legacy technologies in need of modernization
  • Four out of five C-level IT execs say if their agency does not modernize legacy applications, mission-critical capabilities will be threatened
  • Just one in three Federal IT leaders, however, say application modernization is currently a top priority at their agency, and half of IT leaders considering application modernization say their agencies are still in the discovery or planning phases of implementation
  • Progress toward application modernization does not align with initiatives that IT leaders say would yield the greatest return on investment
  • Lack of communication may be a significant hurdle, with just over half of all IT leaders saying their department fully understands their agency's application modernization goals

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