So, as the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee conducts its archaeological spadework to unearth ancient Federal IT systems – consider, things could be worse. OGR asked the 24 Cabinet-level agencies for an audit of their legacy systems and migration plans by January 29. Capitol Hill tells us many agencies missed the deadline – but most of the 24 have now submitted their reports. […]

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The Prez really gets the cyber problem–that’s why he jacked the FY17 cyber budget to $19 billion. That $5 billion hike was, driven by OPM, the Cyber Sprint, and terrorist threats. The 2015 Cyber Information Sharing Act set new government and public-private bidirectional intelligence swapping requirements.


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FedRAMP certainly has its issues. The PMO opted out of the Cloud Caucus meeting, refused to comment on Fix FedRAMP. That said, we understand the PMO’s working hard to make amends – and rolling out the long-awaited FedRAMP 2.0 on March 28th at GSA. Want a sneak peek at what they’ll roll out? Seems they took the hints in the Fix FedRAMP recommendations. Here’s what we hear.



The Fix FedRAMP paper released a few weeks back from the FedRAMP Fast Forward Industry Advocacy Group has given a cohesive voice to widespread concerns about the cloak – and – dagger and inefficiencies of the FedRAMP process.


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Innovation ignites America’s economy. China’s not trying to steal our Constitution. Europe doesn’t covet our right to bear arms. Isn’t Putin trying to make Russia great again?

Think Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Intel, Microsoft, and Oracle. These tech titans define this nation’s competitive advantage. Tech provides the juice that powers our economy, which feeds our tax base, which pays for healthcare and muscles up our military. It’s that excitement that makes people want to come here.


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We love FedRAMP. How could you not? It’s the smart gateway to secure cloud computing across the government. Without a clear, centralized, easy-to-understand cloud computing security model, cloud’s vaporware. Without cloud we can’t consolidate applications, embrace shared services, and modernize our IT. Without cloud, we’ll continue to waste 80 percent of our $80 billion annual IT spend on legacy systems.



Anticipating the release of the Fix FedRAMP paper, GSA and the FedRAMP PMO released this blog Wednesday evening. Let’s hear it for change.


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They say that art is a mirror to our society. It’s time to stop looking backward – to move past yesterday’s successes. They inhibit our progress. As we consider our New Year’s resolutions, I’m asking for new ideas, new thinking.


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Senators Tom Udall and Jerry Moran unwrapped the Cloud Infrastructure Transition Act, the son of FITARA legislation…



Between the Hill scorecard and the imminent agency self-assessment read out, FITARA’s hot and sometimes hard to follow. So, where are we? what’s next? and why should you care?


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