Snowden and Manning introduced the world to insider threats. Not only do we know what that means now, we also understand how difficult it is to stay ahead of such threats. But with the expansion of mobile technologies and increasingly sophisticated threats – both inside and outside – the whole nature of cyber defense is […] […]

Lots of people are talking about cloud computing. So listen carefully. Even if the term is a misnomer, cloud computing is a big deal. Here’s the thing – organizations can do anything in the cloud that they can do on-premises. So why are Federal agencies still investing just a fraction of their IT budgets on […] […]

Numbers don’t lie. These numbers from Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report are scary, but they describe what’s at stake in the never-ending fight against hackers. Last year: Attackers targeted five out of six large companies, a 40 percent increase over 2013 24 zero-day vulnerabilities were discovered 317 million pieces of new malware were created That’s […] […]