Forget tuning in for the Indianapolis 500 this weekend. All eyes trained on the Great FedRAMP CSP Acquisition 500 right now. Smaller companies that pioneered the FedRAMP approval process are selling quicker than Express Lane traffic on the Beltway. […]

ne of the three White House IT priorities called out in the 2016 budget request, Digital Services may be the first IT casualty of partisan politics. A series of agencies have reported that their 2016 budget pass backs include a big goose egg in funding for Digital Services.


Chances of snow – remote. But, this week was Cloud Christmas for agencies focused on IT transformation. Like a silicon Santa, Congressman Gerry Connolly unwrapped the Cloud Computing Caucus Advisory Group annual report, “Don’t Be a Box Hugger,” on the Hill on Monday. Based on interviews with CIOs and CFOs, Box Hugger divides agencies into […] […]