Carlene Ileto

Department of Homeland Security

Mrs. Carlene C. Ileto, the Information Technology Services Office’s (ITSO) only Senior Executive Service (SES) female, has led the Product and Services Delivery Management Office since March 2017. SES positions are intended to lead America’s workforce; and to “… ensure that the executive management of the Government of the United States is responsive to the needs, policies, and goals of the Nation and otherwise is of the highest quality.” (5 U.S. Code 3131) Mrs. Ileto has resoundingly answered that call by delivering Agency-wide products and services for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) such as Office365 (O365), Work Place as a Service (WPaaS), Mobility, and Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM).

Previously as SES, she held the position of Executive Director for the Enterprise Business Management Office responsible for Portfolio and Program Management, IT Policy, and Life Cycle Methodologies (including Agile Methodology). Mrs. Ileto oversaw the planning, acquisition, execution, and governance of $6.8B in IT investments across the DHS IT Portfolio. Her responsibilities included developing long-range plans, and managing the DHS relationships with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the General Accounting Office (GAO),

  • Mrs. Ileto successfully built policies and procedures to implement the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) within DHS, by developing the Implementation Plan and Common Baseline Self-Assessment Plan. The resulting DHS scorecard rating of B-was the third highest scorecard rating in the Federal Government sanctioned by GAO.
  • For the Transformation and Systems Consolidation Program, Mrs. Ileto designed, developed, implemented, and delivered the, modernization of the DHS Financial Management System.
  • Mrs. Ileto served as Director of Enterprise Voice Networks at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), where she led the deployment of telecommunications technologies in the Modernization and Information Technology Services infrastructure.

Mrs. Ileto’s began her 35+ years career as a systems engineer working on the Surface Launched Cruise Missile project for BAE Systems. She then provided expert consulting services on behalf of IBM for 12 years prior to entering the Federal Government.
SES/Executive Director Carlene C. Ileto is a native of Virginia, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, with a minor in Computer Science. She and her husband, a Principal Logistics Engineer at BAE Systems, have been married 36 years and have two well-accomplished daughters.

I have three basic beliefs:

  • Accountability – know who is responsible and hold them accountable
  • Respect for the Individual – regardless of level or position, we all deserve respect
  • Integrity – there is no substitution for the truth
Carlene Ileto
Executive Director
Products and Services Delivery Management Office
Department of Homeland Security