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The Department of Justice appealed the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decision in favor of Microsoft that said American service providers are not required to honor warrants seeking data outside the United States. In this case, which was decided in July, the data the DOJ was asking for belonged to a non-U.S. citizen and was stored in a data center in Ireland. […]

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Accelerating Data Transformation

Data centers get a bad rap. Too old, too many, too inefficient, too expensive – we’ve heard it all. But data centers are still the life blood of operations and missions in government, and aren’t going anywhere. With a renewed focus from both the Hill and OMB to reform IT and meet aggressive metrics, now is the time for IT leaders to accelerate data center transformation. […]

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With heavy focus on the issue from the Executive branch and the Hill through the Modernizing Government IT Act, agencies are increasingly looking at SDN as a path towards reduced costs and better security for government networks. SDN embraces both automation and virtualization, but how can it lead to further tech innovation across agencies? Is the potential working capital fund an option? […]


MeriTalk asked Federal information technology/data center professionals to predict the future of the data center. The study found that Uncle Sam could save $10 billion through data center modernization. Can we make it work? […]


Healthcare leaders are bringing data, applications, and analytics together — to fast track time to actionable insights for operational, financial, and clinical improvements. View our infographic to learn how health IT leaders are making a splash with predictive analytics – now and in the future. […]

Past Events

On March 30, 2016, MeriTalk held its third FITARA Forum, co-located with the fifth annual Data Center Exchange Brainstorm at the Newseum in D.C. The event gathered more than 300 data center and FITARA thought leaders – industry and Federal alike – for a packed day of discussion and revelation. […]


In an effort to effectively manage application lifecycles, enhance automation, and improve integration, agencies look toward DevOps implementation for an efficiency jump start. Labeled as the next big Federal IT movement, DevOps brings software engineering, quality assurance, and IT operations together to streamline application development and deployment.  In addition to the innovation benefits, DevOps brings […]

2015 mingle and jingle

2015 Mingle and Jingle The Cloud Computing Exchange (CCX) and Data Center Exchange (DCX) hosted a Holiday quarterly meeting on Wednesday, December 16 at the City Club of Washington, D.C. with Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA), U.S. House of Representatives. We discussed the policies and legislation that will shape the landscape for the upcoming year. […]


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