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The majority of Federal agencies are embracing converged infrastructure for their data center needs, and seeing improvements, according to a new MeriTalk report. “It amazes me that 72 percent of Federal IT managers are already stating that converged will become the central housing mechanism for their data center needs,” said Milo Speranzo at Technology Solutions. “That number is only going to increase and that increase will happen rapidly and in the near future.” […]

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Agencies continue to collect more and more information each day – and that data is becoming increasingly dynamic, diverse, and distributed.  To keep up with the speed of innovation, government and industry must continue to work together. […]

Cisco NetApp

Modern demands are changing the way the government purchases, builds, and delivers data center solutions. Federal agencies are calling for a data center transformation that empowers IT and accelerates mission performance. Converged infrastructure promises simplicity and speed, responsiveness, dependability, and affordability to offset data center demands. […]

MeriTalk asked Federal information technology/data center professionals to predict the future of the data center. The study found that Uncle Sam could save $10 billion through data center modernization. Can we make it work? […]

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Pure Storage

The explosion of connectivity and multiplying data sets have opened millions of entry and exit points for data – consequently identifying a breach is about as easy as looking for a needle in a haystack. […]

DCX Brainstorm

In 2016, the White House pushed IT modernization to the forefront of Federal agencies’ agendas – with an updated Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI) and the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) paving the way. […]


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