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A vertical community of Federal data center leaders, project managers, industry, and government IT community stakeholders focused on public-private collaboration and best-practice exchange.

Federal agencies are working hard to support mass telework. This means protecting sensitive data from growing cyber threats, and delivering the best possible user experience, including for users with graphics-intensive or compute-complex workloads. Learn how agencies are keeping even their most demanding users productive, efficient – and safe – with GPU virtualization. […]

Federal agencies are beginning to transition from the General Services Administration (GSA) Networx contracts to the new GSA Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) contract, a 15-year, $50 billion contract that will serve as the government’s primary vehicle for procuring telecommunications-related services. […]

Cloud holds enormous potential to transform government IT, migrations can be easier said than done, causing several concerns. Often, even after selecting a service provider, migration becomes a daunting challenge due to complexities of change management – resulting in low cloud adoption. […]

The journey toward software-defined storage is different for each IT organization. When choosing a s torage solution, it’s important to consider flexibility, availability, and agility. And of course—don’t forget cost. […]

IT departments are struggling under exponential data growth, which is driving unexpected capacity demands and exceeding budgets. Traditional storage appliances are too cumbersome, rigid, and expensive to handle this massive data growth. As a result, companies are moving from traditional, appliance-based storage to software-defined storage. […]

With every passing day, Flash storage solutions improve in capacity and features – and drop in price. If your organization hasn’t considered Flash before, or if you’ve only dipped your toe in the Flash waters, now is the time to investigate all the advantages Flash offers in speed, capacity and cost savings. […]

The journey to cloud for Federal CIO is complex, not clear, but one thing is certain… it is disruptive. In fact, many are now calling this journey to an automated infrastructure like cloud “the digital disruption.” Digital disruption is a top-of-mind issue for the Federal CIO. Agency senior executives are looking over their shoulders and […]


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