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A vertical community of Federal data center leaders, project managers, industry, and government IT community stakeholders focused on public-private collaboration and best-practice exchange.

Upcoming Meetings
Infor Government Forum

From delivering citizen services to protecting our nation, government agencies have big roles to fill. But their outdated technology systems and modernization challenges can hamper program success. Join us at Infor’s Government Forum where agency leaders will share insight into what works. […]

Wrangling Application Delivery in a Hybrid Cloud World

The cloud promised scale, cost-effectiveness…and simplicity. While it’s delivering consistently on the first two promises, its power to simplify complex environment remains a largely open question. […]


Evolving threats, aging legacy systems, budget constraints, workforce gaps, mandate upon mandate – you’ve heard it all before. Agencies have been battling these challenges, day after day, for years. Join the best and brightest in government cyber and IT at the 2018 Symantec Government Symposium, where we’ll tackle these challenges together. […]

Data Center Brainstorm

Bust the Glut: Data Center Transformation 8.0 It’s been 8 years since FDCCI, and the data center glut and efficiency opportunity still leads the government’s IT modernization Top 10 Must-Do List. Now cloud and new opportunities at the edge are accelerating DCOI. FITARA, MGT, and White House IT Modernization EOs are bolstering the effort. The […]

Cloud Connect 2018

By 2025, the data-sphere will have grown to 163 zettabytes. In this new era of digital transformation, data is no longer locked away – it’s distributed, dynamic, and diverse. As modernization progresses on the back of the cloud revolution, government agencies are pumping up their cloud volume to turn massive amounts of data into actionable insights. […]

CDM & Eggs

With all CFO Act agencies set to be connected and submitting data to the Federal CDM Dashboard by the end of FY18, the program is making strides towards finding threats in real-time. […]

Past Meetings
Getting Started with AI

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence and data science offer almost limitless potential for government agencies to gain insights, improve mission functions, and ensure informed decision making. Learn what these powerful technologies can do for your organization’s mission during this training session with MeriTalk, IBM, and NVIDIA. […]

CDM & Eggs

With the DHS Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) program wrapping up phases 1 and 2 this fall, the program delivers capabilities that provide relevant, timely, and actionable information for Federal agencies. […]

Innovation Imperative

Expectations are high for the success of mission critical IT at the Department of Defense. But today’s service environments remain disjointed, tangled, and mired in yesterday’s technologies – holding the DoD back. […]

Hyperconverged Without the Compromise

Mandated to modernize, agencies are working hard to replace outdated systems and legacy architecture with next-gen technology – from AI to IoT and most recently, HCI. Leveraging hybrid cloud environments, agencies are turning towards hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) to power their performance – with the agility, flexibility, and scalability needed to meet the demands of today’s […]


Join Congressman Gerry Connolly and MeriTalk for a complimentary award ceremony on August 2 at 2 p.m. as we honor Federal IT excellence, based on the FITARA scorecard grades. We’ll showcase successes, the narratives behind the grades, and educate the Federal community on the scorecard grading process, potential updates to the process, and encourage two-way dialogue. […]

2018 Cyber Security Brainstorm

Federal IT leaders have said it for years: the biggest barrier to improving cyber security is a lack of resources. Now, with new funding allocated in the President’s budget and the passage of the MGT Act – coupled with guidance outlined in the Cyber EO and IT Modernization Report – agencies have a path forward. The new standard for Federal cyber security, driven by focused policies and increased budgets, is centered around modern tactics, secure devices, and resilient networks. […]

Beyond Telework

The unemployment rate dropping to record lows is great news for jobseekers. Employers, including the Federal Government – the nation’s largest employer – have a somewhat different perspective – as this news signals even tougher competition to secure the best and brightest talent. Federal teleworking programs have long been heralded as a path toward greater […]


Today, the traditional perimeter no longer exists – there is no “inside” or “outside” when it comes to detecting, defending, and deterring cyber attacks. Join us on June 14 at the Marriott Marquis in D.C. as we drill down on the strategies and solutions needed to support an agile, flexible, scalable – and secure – digital government […]

CCX Brainstorm 2018

Cloud computing is the engine accelerating modernization across government. Agencies want to put AI, IoT, and advanced analytics to work – and cloud is the quickest way to turn on these new services. And, with MGT now law, Federal agencies get to reprogram one-year savings to fund three-year IT transformations. That’s a game changer – it provides new incentives for agencies to accelerate change. […]


As Federal agencies move toward hybrid cloud environments, the need for IT managers to bridge the gap between today’s current infrastructures and tomorrow’s cloud future is vital. While modernization is on the forefront of many Federal IT conversations, various hold-ups including fear of change and loss of control have impeded progress. Hear insights from Mika […]


With the Modernizing Government Technology Act now signed into law, Federal CIOs and IT managers should finally have the momentum – and means – to break free of aging agency infrastructures.  Feds see opportunities to accelerate progress by improving the ability to share data between new and legacy systems.  […]

Tenable GovEdge 2018

Smart devices, emerging technologies, automated processes, cloud, mobile, IoT – all connected and programmable. This is the modern era of government – and the new, elastic, attack surface to defend. How can agencies efficiently adopt Cyber Exposure, an emerging discipline for managing and measuring every aspect of your modern computing environment to accurately understand and reduce cyber risk? […]


IT Modernization isn’t what you thought it was. It’s more than infrastructure updates and shiny new software. It reaches across the enterprise and requires an approach that focuses just as much on the building blocks as it does the solution. So, how do IT executives build their plan to prioritize and accommodate the legacy functions […]

Dell ViON

The Modernizing Government Technology (MGT) Act signals a rejuvenated commitment to Federal IT modernization. Agencies need to optimize data centers, lay the foundation for emerging technologies, and improve security – while maintaining decade-old systems critical to mission success. And, with a saturated market of options and providers, Federal data center managers are looking for streamlined data center management and governance. […]


With the non-stop cloud chatter, too many Federal agencies think that they need to choose between “all cloud” and “no cloud at all.” But the reality is not either, it’s both. Join MeriTalk and leading Federal cloud experts on February 21 to learn how agencies are managing, assessing, and securing this complicated new mix of physical and virtual appliances. […]


It’s no secret that phishing attacks give hackers access to sensitive government data and credentials. With an increasingly mobile Federal workforce, and the introduction of new vectors for phishing including SMS and messaging apps, how do Federal cyber teams develop a comprehensive strategy to protect against potentially catastrophic data loss from phishing? […]

FedFocus 2018

Mandated to modernize, Federals agencies are working hard to accelerate IT transformation. Missions are evolving, employee expectations are changing, and emerging technologies bring an opportunity to work smarter, faster, and bolder than ever before. […]


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