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The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency is taking steps to move all 4,000 of its employees to cloud-based email. To do so, they’ve selected Unisys through a contract worth up to $11.2 million over the course of five years. […]

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The General Services Administration recently launched its new big data management platform, Data to Decisions, to address and accomplish open data and transparency goals. […]

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Federal agencies can now use cloud computing systems to store their most sensitive, unclassified data, through the recent release of the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program High Baseline.
“This release allows agencies to use cloud environments for high-impact data, including data that involves the protection of life and financial ruin,” said the FedRAMP announcement. […]


Taking the lead for 36 states, Utah is expected to issue a National Association of State Procurement Officials cloud computing contract in August that helps states get the best deal for equipment and software by bundling their shopping lists into a single bid. […]


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