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A vertical community of Federal cloud leaders, project managers, industry, and government IT community stakeholders focused on public-private collaboration and best-practice exchange.

With growing data, shrinking budgets, and a goal to close 52% of all data centers by 2018, Feds are turning to cloud, “as-a-Service,” and OpEx vs. CapEx dollars. Agencies can “buy what they use” vs. “buy what they forecast,” improving cost control, asset management, and capacity planning across the enterprise. […]

We’ve reached a critical juncture in our cultural lexicon. The term “cloud” doesn’t just refer to those fluffy white things in the sky anymore; it’s also increasingly recognized as the future of database storage, application hosting, and computing capabilities. […]

Agencies and organizations are more willing now than ever to adopt cloud computing. Research into the pace of adoption in the government sector identified a quarter of federal agencies are “aggressively moving” systems to the cloud and more than half are more confidently moving systems with fewer security and operational concerns . However, as agencies look to embrace the benefits of cloud computing they are presented with a new set of challenges to overcome. […]

An increased desire for rapid and scalable capability delivery has shifted focus to Cloud as an enabler of effective application development and deployment. The integration of Agile into a Cloud Native application life cycle process may not consistently allow an organization to more rapidly and reliably develop and scale applications. Product alignment concerns, and a lack of collaboration between operations and development teams, are often the primary culprits in today’s increasingly complex Agency environments. […]

Most IT leaders spend too much time and effort worrying about infrastructure—what to buy, how to implement, and whether it will support growing business needs. If you are considering moving applications to the cloud, you are probably trying to decide which cloud delivery model is right for you. […]


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