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More Federal agencies have implemented work-from-home policies than ever before, as the COVID-19 pandemic has completely shifted the work landscape. A small percentage of the Federal government was previously authorized to work remote before the pandemic – the transition was a large test for agency resiliency. […]

We rarely use pen and paper in the workplace anymore, so why are some records still done by hand? Records are essential to all aspects of government, and in the age of IT modernization, the government is working on moving to electronic records management. Several policies are in place to help agencies navigate the transition. […]

Cloud-based AI platforms are key to machine learning adoption – 56% of companies are currently using these tools, and 48% say it is their primary strategy, according to 451 Research’s latest Voice of the Enterprise: AI & Machine Learning survey. […]

The great potential of the cloud lies in its ability to manage vast tracts of data while its scale, speed and flexibility support data-driven processes. Government needs a sound data strategy to make the most of cloud. […]

Agencies are balancing the need to enhance data protection requirements with a growing mobile workforce, sprawling edge, and – as a result – an expanding attack surface. Against this backdrop, many missions require customized data protection measures. […]

Cloud First was aspirational. Cloud Smart is designed to be actionable, incorporating feedback from the front lines of industry and government. The new policy is created to remove the roadblocks, but there’s more to be done. Learn more about how agencies can modernize a multi-cloud operational model to integrate and interoperate their data. […]

Cloud First was aspirational. Cloud Smart is designed to be actionable, incorporating feedback from the front lines of industry and government. The new policy is created to remove the roadblocks, but there’s more to be done. Learn more about how agencies can secure and support their workloads to unleash innovation. […]

Federal agencies collect massive amounts of data in the field with IoT sensors and remote computing solutions. As a result, there is a hard requirement to bring customized compute capabilities to the network’s edge to enable better, faster insights, and ultimately, a mission advantage. […]

“To cloud or not to cloud?” is a question of the past, but agencies still haven’t seen cloud’s full promise. In the race to Cloud First, some agencies did not address the multiplicity of factors that should contribute to cloud environment selection – volume, performance, governance, security, cost control, management tools, etc. Learn more about […]

The public sector’s uptake of technology is notoriously sluggish: Government agencies often lag years behind their private-sector counterparts in adopting new digital ways of working. However, now that citizens around the world engage with technology in all aspects of their daily lives, governments are facing increased pressure to overhaul outdated systems and accelerate their own […]

Technology in 2019 is advancing at full throttle, and Federal agencies are not exempt from having to keep pace. Signed into law by President Trump on December 20, 2018, the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act (IDEA) has placed new minimum requirements for basic functionality and security of Federal websites and digital services. […]

Data is the lifeblood of modern business, and companies that succeed in their digital transformations can achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. A recent article in The Economist noted that in today’s economy, “the world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.”1 Data-centric companies operate more efficiently and outperform the competition. Enterprises that are […]

Today’s workforce is trading in their cubicles and corporate desktops in favor an any-location, any-device work style. And as the modern workforce continues to be fueled by the emergence of digital natives, their appetite for user-friendly, cloud-based services grows, the center of work is shifting to the cloud. But managing a proliferation of SaaS, web, […]

The growth of mobile technologies has made personalization and instant access to information fundamental customer experience expectations. But, according to Forrester’s 2018 CX Index, 80 percent of Federal agencies’ customer service falls between the range of “mostly poor” and “very poor.” How can agencies provide effortless, connected, and proactive services to drive mission success and exceptional citizen experiences? […]

For a growing number of public and private sector organizations, cloud is the future – a game-changer for mitigating risk, enhancing effectiveness, and initiating new capabilities. To learn more about ongoing progress and challenges associated with cloud adoption, Government Business Council and Salesforce launched an in-depth research study in May 2017. […]

An increased desire for rapid and scalable capability delivery has shifted focus to Cloud as an enabler of effective application development and deployment. The integration of Agile into a Cloud Native application life cycle process may not consistently allow an organization to more rapidly and reliably develop and scale applications. Product alignment concerns, and a lack of collaboration between operations and development teams, are often the primary culprits in today’s increasingly complex Agency environments. […]


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