Government Forum attendees are welcome to attend the Inforum morning General Session, featuring Van Jones – social entrepreneur, CNN political contributor, and host of The Van Jones Show – as he moderates a panel of Infor scientists discussing how science and innovations in technology are playing a large role in the evolution of human potential. […]

CNN Political Contributor & Host of The Van Jones Show

Digital Transformation is more than just moving to the cloud, improving efficiencies, and reducing costs. It’s about truly transforming government service. Hear from AWS’s Teresa Carlson and Grant Thornton’s LaVerne Council on how agencies can progress beyond basic back office migrations to move mission-critical program apps to the cloud – enabling them to shift from reactive to proactive mode so they can serve their constituents more effectively and quickly. […]

Vice President
Worldwide Public Sector
Amazon Web Services
National Managing Principal, Enterprise Digital Strategy and Innovation
Grant Thornton
Senior Vice President
Global Public Sector

As we head into the mid-term elections, join Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala as they come together from opposite sides of the aisle to share insightful, humorous, and entertaining commentary on today’s political landscape. […]

Political Analyst and Commentator, CNN
Host, Tucker Carlson Tonight and Founder, The Daily Caller

The push for modernization from the Administration, the Hill, and across agencies impacts everything – from workforce to security to program operations and more. Combining performance with strengthened security, the cloud is revolutionizing how agencies deliver, support, and consume IT services. Attend this session to get the inside track from leading Federal executives on how the cloud is accelerating their agency’s transformation so they can better support – and secure – today’s digital government. […]

Wayne Bobby [moderator]
Vice President, Federal
Technical Director
Executive Director for Innovation
Department of Health and Human Services
Chief Technology Officer
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
David Shive [invited]
Chief Information Officer
General Services Administration

State and local government and education organizations are looking to jump start technology modernization initiatives. By replacing outdated websites, leveraging modern applications, and migrating legacy systems using more modern and flexible technologies, these organizations can keep pace with the private sector. Attend this session to learn how innovative solutions are transforming state, local, and education organizations so they can realize significant cost savings, as well as vastly improve their constituents’ experience. […]

Kurt Steward [moderator]
Vice President, Public Sector
Deputy Assistant Director of the Department of Neighborhoods
Inspections and Public Service Division
City of Houston
JK Seva
Director of Financial Systems
Bureau of Finance and Management
South Dakota
Director, Integrated Systems Management
Tacoma Public Schools
ELMS Team Lead
City of Minneapolis

Asset-intensive organizations like transit agencies and public utilities face challenges that run the gamut from maintaining and repairing an extensive network of assets, providing great experiences for their customers, ensuring asset availability, and meeting compliance requirements. Solving these challenges in these industries requires leadership and innovation. Attend this session to learn how innovative organizations are progressing on their digital journey to better leverage their assets, maintain their infrastructure, and improve the customer experience. […]

Steve Beard [moderator]
Senior Principal, Program Services
IT Director of GIS
Asset Management & Content Management
Miami-Dade County
Chief Customer Officer
Enterprise Asset Management Program Executive