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Leo F. Scanlon, deputy chief information security officer for Health and Human Services and the agency’s senior cybersecurity adviser for the health care sector, was named the co-chair of the (ISC)2 U.S. Government Advisory Council. […]

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Petal to the Metal
CSX QM New Cyber Era

Agencies deal with a greater volume and velocity of cyber threats today than ever before. To achieve actionable cyber awareness and drive continuity of vital operations, Federal cyber leaders must speed cyber response times for threat prevention, detection, and mitigation for known, and more importantly, unknown threats. […]

To keep our data, systems, and enterprises secure, cybersecurity executives must nail down the many moving parts – training, governance, budgets, and innovation. But while cybersecurity strategies are evolving, agencies still aren’t up to code. What’s the holdup on the Hill? […]

The cybersecurity waters are swimming with threats, and agencies do not have the personnel, utilities, or time to properly handle their massive amounts of data. However, with the ability to allow agencies to sift and sort through the very data they are sinking in, big data may be agencies’ lifeline. […]

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The drive for enhanced identity security across government has steered agencies towards two-factor authentication. Still, a myriad of vulnerabilities exist and adversaries only need one attack vector to unleash serious damage. […]

Symantec Roundtable

The impact that cyber vulnerabilities and threats have on the business of government has become priority number one for government IT leaders. […]


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