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Politics and blame stand in the way of Federal IT modernization, according to comments made at the House Oversight Committee’s hearing on legacy IT systems. Congressmen said they were disappointed and baffled over the degree of outdated technology in Federal agencies, some in mission critical systems. […]

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Cyber Spring Madness: May 26, 2016 The Obama Administration is driving cyber initiatives hard – and asking agencies to double down on existing security efforts – as it wraps up its final term. Pressure to improve detection and prevention against cyber-based threats to Federal systems and infrastructure is high. DHS’s cyber workload is increasing, the […]


Insider attacks pose a constant threat to the critical data entrusted to our government – nearly half of federal agencies have been targeted. The need to prepare for attacks from authorized insiders has added complexity to cybersecurity strategies. NIST’s Cybersecurity Framework has provided agencies with a set of industry standards and best practices to help […]


Since 2006, Federal cyber security breaches have exposed 87 million private records. Download the “Cyber Security Triple Threat” infographic to learn how to conquer the cyber security triple threat. […]


Federal agencies are facing an explosion of endpoints in both volume and variety. However, as endpoints increase, so do cyber vulnerabilities. […]

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CDM and Eggs Breakfast – Phase II: May 18, 2016 CDM spent the winter hibernating as FITARA and FedRAMP stood in the spotlight, but with a few recent moves by DHS – its right back in the forefront of agency planning. With all Phase I contracts awarded – and one year away from the 2017 […]


As new cyber threats and adversaries emerge at a rapid pace, our government is under fire on multiple fronts.  Agencies are bolstering their defenses and collecting vast amounts of security data, but the sheer volume of it is overwhelming.  Threat intelligence can help agencies glean valuable insight from that data – revealing emerging threat trends, […]


Automating Cyber Security: March 9, 2016 Federal agencies today face a constant stream of threats – attackers and hackers are motivated, creative, and persistent – and there’s no perfect defense of agency systems. While agencies have invested massive resources to defend their systems, it never seems to be enough, especially as the threat landscape continues to […]


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