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It’s no secret that phishing attacks give hackers access to sensitive government data and credentials. With an increasingly mobile Federal workforce, and the introduction of new vectors for phishing including SMS and messaging apps, how do Federal cyber teams develop a comprehensive strategy to protect against potentially catastrophic data loss from phishing? […]

CDM & Eggs

CDM & Eggs is back. With Phase 3 just getting underway, a new task order on the street, and a dashboard making headlines, the CDM program continues to support agencies’ ability to identify risks, prioritize vulnerabilities, and mitigate threats in real time. […]


Managing cyber risks means fighting a moving target, and bad actors are too often one step ahead. Even as cyber professionals protect systems from malware, phishing, and DoS attacks, new attack vectors including the IoT and AI are emerging. Federal agencies needs a continuous discussion on the evolving defense practices needed to identify vulnerabilities, prepare for changes in cyber attack strategy, and identify fundamental flaws in defense plans. […]


As applications, data, and everything IT shifts to the cloud, so too does cybersecurity. It’s more than just securing the cloud — it’s about actually using the cloud, and the advanced analytics it enables, to protect organizations. Security models are changing, and the cloud is a pivotal enabler of that change. […]

Mingle and Jingle

Join us for a merry evening as we discuss the IT transformation initiatives and efforts that will be at the forefront of the new year’s IT agenda with a happy hour featuring beverages, heavy hors d-oeuvres, and plenty of holiday cheer. […]

CDM & Eggs

With a continued focus on IT reform, the latest White House modernization report calls for increased priority around the Department of Homeland Security’s Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) program and other cyber initiatives.  Now in its fourth year, the CDM program offers real-time visibility into network vulnerabilities – and continues to evolve as agencies transform their aging systems.  […]


Government’s interest in cloud-based, SaaS security solutions is growing as IT modernization priorities expand. More automated security monitoring and real-time analytics are critical to improving agencies cyber security posture – but concern over security applications living in the cloud and uncertainties over ownership have deterred greater adoption across the government. […]

CDM & Eggs

CDM and Eggs Breakfast – Next Phase: May 18, 2017 DHS’ continuous diagnostics and mitigation (CDM) program, now in its fourth year, continues to be at the top of the government cyber security agenda. Phase I is being implemented, Phase II is in process, and Phase III is about to be underway. As we look […]

CSX QM New Cyber Era
Mingle and Jingle


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