You may have heard the phrase “this is a marathon, not a sprint” used when discussing important programs launched by organizations. That might be the case with some business initiatives, but it doesn’t necessarily apply to Federal IT, says Jason Kimrey at Intel. […]

The 2016 Executive Leadership Conference (ELC) will gather #ChangeAgents for training and education and showcase examples of #ChangeAgents who are already making a difference today. We need to provide “safe spaces” to experiment on doing public service differently and better, says FCC CIO David Bray.


Often we’re so focused on locking down data access that we lose sight of whether our business can continue when data is lost, stolen, or compromised. Instead of asking if your network is secure, step back and ask yourself, “Is my network resilient?”


As Cloud Computing matures as an engine of cost savings, improved agility, and enhanced security, options have grown beyond the “one-size-fits-all” offerings available to early users. Organizations can choose between a mix of on-premises or off-premises clouds, or implementing hybrid architectures that combine the best features of all these choices into a tailored solution that meets their own unique needs. When […] […]